Sec. 1590.50 - Permit and License Requirements

ยง 1590.50. Permit and License Requirements

a) It shall be unlawful for any person to take, possess or transport any raptor for falconry purposes or practice falconry in Illinois unless a valid falconry permit has been issued pursuant to this Section or issued by another state in accordance with federal regulations at 50 CFR 21.29 (January 1, 2011). A falconry permittee in Illinois must also comply with relevant provisions of 50 CFR 21.29.

1) Residents - Illinois residents may hold raptors in captivity only under a falconry or captive propagation permit issued by the Department.

A) The initial fee for an Illinois falconry permit shall be $200 for 5 years. The permit must be renewed every 5 years for a fee of $200 if raptors are to be possessed or held beyond the permit expiration date.

B) All applicants must be at least 14 years of age.

2) Non-Residents - A non-resident falconer who possesses a falconry permit issued by another state may transport and possess legally possessed raptors in Illinois for falconry purposes on a temporary basis not to exceed 30 days. Written authorization from the Department is required in advance if any raptor is to be brought into Illinois for more than 30 days. While in Illinois, all non-residents shall comply with all applicable provisions of this Part and obtain the appropriate hunting licenses, stamps and/or permits required under Illinois law.

3) A visitor to the United States from another country may qualify for a temporary permit to practice falconry in Illinois, appropriate to his or her experience, by following the requirements of federal regulations ( 50 CFR 21.29). The permit will be valid for a maximum of 30 days.

b) A permittee must have his or her falconry permit or a legible copy in his or her immediate possession when not at the location of his or her falconry facilities and trapping, transporting, working with or flying falconry raptors.

c) No person shall transfer the falconry permit or unused markers or allow their use by any other persons, nor shall any person, while engaged in falconry, use or carry any permit or marker issued to another.

d) Nothing in this Section shall prohibit a falconry permittee of the appropriate class from using the raptor of another permittee for falconry purposes on a temporary basis in accordance with Sections 1590.70 and 1590.80.

e) Falconry permittees must comply with all regulations governing migratory bird permitting.

f) No person may have in his or her possession any prohibited species, as defined in Section 1590.20, for falconry purposes.

g) No permittee may possess any federal or State listed endangered or threatened raptor species taken from the wild in Illinois. This subsection shall not apply if the raptor was taken by legal means in another state or country as provided for in Section 1590.90(c) or (d).

h) No person may capture or release raptors or practice falconry on private lands without the permission of the landowner or tenant. No person may capture or release raptors or practice falconry on public lands without authorization or unless otherwise allowed.


Amended at 38 Ill. Reg. 895, effective January 1, 2014


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