Sec. 1590.60 - Examination and Application Procedures

ยง 1590.60. Examination and Application Procedures

a) In order to obtain a permit to participate in falconry, the applicant must submit to the Department of Natural Resources, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702-1271, an application containing the following information:

1) The name, address, county, date of birth, phone number and Social Security number or IDNR customer number of the applicant.

2) An applicant who is under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign the application. The parent or legal guardian will be legally responsible for the activities of the permittee.

3) A certification stating the applicant has read and is familiar with the regulations in 50 CFR 13 and the other applicable parts in 50 CFR chapter 1, subchapter B and that the information submitted is complete and accurate to the best of the applicant's knowledge and belief.

4) Any other information required by the Department to determine if the applicant is eligible for a permit under this Part.

b) Each new applicant or person whose permit has been revoked shall be required to answer correctly at least 80% of the questions on a closed-book examination administered by the Department. The exam will cover the care and handling of falconry raptors, federal and State laws and regulations relevant to falconry, and other appropriate subject matter (e.g., history of falconry). At the discretion of the Department, a permit that has been revoked may be reinstated at the level previously held upon successful completion by the holder of the exam and satisfactory inspection of his or her falconry facilities.

1) An apprentice falconer whose permit has expired must apply to get a new apprentice permit.

2) A general falconer or master falconer whose permit has expired for fewer than 5 years may have his or her permit reinstated at the level previously held if proof of certification at that level can be provided to the Department.

3) A general falconer or master falconer whose permit has lapsed for 5 years or longer must correctly answer at least 80% of the questions on an examination administered by the Department. Upon successful completion of the exam and a facility inspection, the falconry permit may be reinstated at the level previously held.

c) Applicants who fail the required examination may repeat the exam after 45 days. If the applicant fails a second time, a 6 month waiting period from the date of the second exam is required before the examination sequence may be repeated.

d) When a holder of a falconry permit issued by another state applies for an Illinois falconry permit, the applicant shall submit a copy of his or her current falconry permit and information that consists of the number of raptors possessed and the species, age, sex, date of acquisition and source of each. If the applicant meets federal ( 50 CFR 21.29) and State standards for issuance of a falconry permit, he or she shall enter the same class or an equivalent class as held in the previous state.

e) A person who is a new resident in Illinois and the United States must pass the falconry exam with a score of at least 80% and provide written documentation of the applicant's falconry experience, including species of raptors flown and game taken, and must have his or her falconry facilities and equipment pass inspection by a certified Department representative. The Department's falconry permit administrator will assign a falconry class level commensurate with the new resident falconer's experience.


Amended at 38 Ill. Reg. 895, effective January 1, 2014


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