Sec. 3080.10 - Definitions

ยง 3080.10. Definitions

Department - The Department of Natural Resources.

Hourly Rate -

The rate of payment to veteran employees hired under a grant issued under this Part shall not be lower than the current minimum wage rate established by the Minimum Wage Law [820 ILCS 105].

The rate of payment to managing supervisors shall not be lower than the current minimum wage rate established by the Minimum Wage Law plus $2.00 per hour.

The hourly rates established in this definition may be adjusted higher, as determined by the Department, if funds are available. Any adjustment beyond the minimum wage rate shall be identified by the Department in the grant application and grant agreement.

Local Sponsor - Any unit of local government or not-for-profit entity that can make available for a conservation or recreational program park lands, conservation or recreational lands or facilities, equipment, materials, administration, supervisory personnel, etc.

Managing Supervisor - An enrollee in the Illinois Veteran Recreation Corps who is selected by the local sponsor to supervise the activities of the veteran employee enrollees working on the conservation or recreational program. Managing supervisors are required to be veterans.

Not-for-Profit Entities - Entities eligible for participation in this grant program must be recognized and/or incorporated in Illinois as not-for-profit under the provisions of the General Not For Profit Corporation Act of 1986 [805 ILCS 105] and must possess current status as exempt from taxation under section 501(c) or 501(d) of the United States Internal Revenue Code ( 26 USC 501). Not-for-profit entities without current tax-exempt status are not eligible.

Term of the Grant Program - The 6 month period identified by the local sponsor in his/her grant application as the period of time in which veterans may be employed by the local sponsor under this grant program. The term of the grant program does not have to be a consecutive 6 month period, but must end no later than 12 months after the grant execution date.

Veteran - An Illinois resident who has served or is currently serving as a member of the United States Armed Forces, a member of the Illinois National Guard, or a member of a Reserve Component of the United States Armed Forces.

Wages - Only the hourly rate for personal services paid to the employed veterans (from which applicable taxes shall be withheld). "Wages" does not include the employer's contribution or portion of any tax.

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