Sec. 600.50 - Access by Legislative Agencies

ยง 600.50. Access by Legislative Agencies

a) LIS shall provide access to the programs developed and/or maintained by LIS at no cost and provide such technical services as may be requested.

b) The lease and/or purchase of equipment and the installation of such equipment for accessing the legislative computer will be the responsibility of the legislative agency.

c) LIS shall provide the Legislative agency when requested with lists of equipment compatible with the system for their consideration. Equipment not included on the list will not be supported by the Legislative Computer facility.

d) Whenever possible, LIS shall maintain master contracts on file and obligation documents to allow Legislative agencies to lease equipment from vendors without the necessity to negotiate individual contracts and will assist agencies in completing leasing arrangements if requested.

e) LIS shall maintain the final approval of equipment to be utilized, the communications access method to be utilized and the applications to be accessed.

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