Sec. 332.140 - Postclosure Observation and Maintenance

ยง 332.140. Postclosure Observation and Maintenance

a) The licensee shall observe, monitor and maintain the licensed site until closure is complete and the license is terminated under the authorization of the Agency in accordance with Section 332.150 of this Part. The licensee shall be responsible for disposal site maintenance for 15 years after completion of closure. A longer time period for postclosure observation and maintenance will be required if the Agency determines that the licensee has not designed and closed the disposal site in accordance with the closure plan specified in the license.

b) During the postclosure period, the licensee shall conduct four disposal site inspections each year, once each season. Additional inspections shall be performed after each earthquake that, at the disposal site, exceeds a level 6 on the Modified Mercalli Index, or flood or abnormal change in climate, such as precipitation in excess of 10 times the seasonal average level. The results of the inspections, the monitoring data and the evaluation of the monitoring data shall be reported to the Agency within 60 days after each inspection. The Agency shall require more frequent disposal site inspections, if necessary to establish compliance with the requirements of Section 332.100 of this Part, or if there has been unauthorized use of the disposal site.


Amended at 32 Ill. Reg. 16756, effective October 6, 2008


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