Sec. 332.290 - Maintenance of Records, Reports, and Transfers

ยง 332.290. Maintenance of Records, Reports, and Transfers

a) Each licensee shall maintain any records and make any reports in connection with the license activities as may be required by the conditions of the license or by the rules, regulations and orders of the Agency.

b) Records that are required to be maintained by regulation or by license conditions shall be maintained in a format allowing for easy access and review by the Agency, for a time period specified in the applicable regulation or license condition. If a record retention period is not otherwise specified, these records shall be maintained and transferred to the officials specified in subsection (d) of this Section as a condition of license termination unless the Agency otherwise authorizes their disposition.

c) Records that shall be maintained pursuant to this Part may be the original, or a reproduced copy or microfilm if this reproduced copy or microfilm is capable of producing copy that is clear and legible at the end of the required retention period.

d) Copies of records of the location and quantity of byproduct material contained in the disposal site shall be transferred upon license termination to the Agency, the agency responsible for long-term care, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the chief executive of the nearest municipality, the chief executive of the county in which the disposal site is located, the county zoning board or land development and planning agency and the Governor.

e) Each licensee shall file a copy of its financial report or a certified financial statement annually with the Agency in order to update the information base for determining the continued financial qualifications of the licensee.

f) Each licensee shall submit status reports to the Agency. The reports shall be submitted within 60 days after January 1 and July 1 of each year and shall cover the previous 6 months of operation. The reports shall include:

1) Specification of the quantity of each of the radionuclides released to unrestricted areas in liquid and gaseous effluents;

2) The results of the environmental monitoring program;

3) Data reported in a manner that will permit the Agency to confirm the potential annual radiation doses to the public;

4) A summary of licensee survey and maintenance activities;

5) A summary of activities and quantities of licensed material processed, stored, transferred or disposed of;

6) Any instances in which observed site, facility, process or equipment characteristics were significantly different from those described in the application for a license; and

7) If the quantities of radionuclides released are more than 25 percent greater than those anticipated in the license application, or if unanticipated maintenance is performed, a discussion of the cause of the release or the reason for the maintenance.


Amended at 32 Ill. Reg. 16756, effective October 6, 2008


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