Sec. 106.506 - Petition Content Requirements

ยง 106.506. Petition Content Requirements

A petition filed under Section 39.5(19)(a) and (e) of the Act must include:

a) A detailed description of and justification for the emission limitation that is being proposed for the source and an explanation of how the emission limitation provides for the level of control required under Section 112 of the CAA ( 42 USC 7412);

b) A petition filed under Section 39.5(19)(a) of the Act must also include justification for the Board to determine whether the emission limitation proposed by the owner or operator of the CAAPP source provides for the emission limitation equivalent to the emission limitation that would apply to the source if USEPA had promulgated the applicable emission standard under Section 112(d) of the CAA ( 42 USC 7412(d)) in a timely manner; and

c) The Agency's notification of its refusal to adopt the CAAPP source's proposed emission limitation or the CAAPP source's MACT determination.

(Amended at 41 Ill. Reg. 10104, effective July 5, 2017)

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