Sec. 320.101 - Definitions

ยง 320.101. Definitions

a) Unless specified otherwise, all terms shall have the meaning set forth in the Act.

b) For purposes of this Part, the following definitions apply:

1) "Act" means the Environmental Protection Act [415 ILCS 5].

2) "Agency" means the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

3) "Applicant" means a person who applies for a construction permit to install or extend sewers, treatment works, industrial pretreatment works, or industrial wastewater source, pursuant to Title III of the Act or 35 Ill. Adm. Code. Subtitle C or D.

4) "Design Population" means:

A) for purposes of new sewer systems, wasteload in terms of population equivalents contained within the proposed service area covered by the construction permit application;

B) for purposes of sewer extensions or connections, additional wasteload in terms of population equivalents contained within the service area added by the entire sewer proposed in the construction permit application.

5) "Fee" means the fee prescribed by Section 12.2 of the Act.

6) "Industrial" refers to those industrial users referenced in section 502(18) of the federal Clean Water Act ( 33 USC 1362(18)) and regulations adopted pursuant to that Act. (Section 12.2(h) of the Act)

7) "NPDES Permit" means National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit.

8) "Population Equivalent" means that one population equivalent is 100 gallons of sewage per day, containing 0.17 pounds of BOD5 (five day biochemical oxygen demand) and 0.20 pounds of suspended solids, on the basis of the highest individual value of the three parameters.

9) "Pretreatment" means the reduction of the amount of pollutants, the elimination of pollutants, or the alteration of the nature of pollutant properties in wastewater prior to or in lieu of discharging or otherwise introducing those pollutants into a publicly owned treatment works or publicly regulated treatment works. (Section 12.2(h) of the Act)

10) "Sewage" means water-carried human and related wastes from any source (35 Ill. Adm. Code 301.385).

11) "Sewer" means a stationary means of transport, excluding natural waterways, constructed and operated primarily for the purpose of collecting and transporting sewage.

12) "Toxic pollutants" means those pollutants defined in section 502(13) of the federal Clean Water Act ( 33 USC 1362(13)) and regulations adopted pursuant to that Act (Section 12.2(h) of the Act). For purposes of this Part, this definition is limited to any pollutant listed as toxic pursuant to section 307(a)(1) of the Clean Water Act ( 33 USC 1317(a)(1)) or in 40 CFR 122, appendix D (2007).


Amended at 33 Ill. Reg. 11464, effective July 22, 2009


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