Sec. 831.107 - Site Location Map

ยง 831.107. Site Location Map

All permit applications shall contain a site location map on the most recent United States Geological Survey (USGS) quadrangle of the area from the 71/2 minute series (topographic), or on such other map whose scale clearly shows the following information:

a) The permit area and all adjacent property, extending at least 1/2 mile beyond the boundary of the facility;

b) The prevailing wind direction;

c) All rivers designated for protection under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (16 USC 127 et seq.);

d) The limits of all 10-year floodplains;

e) All natural areas designated as a Dedicated Illinois Nature Preserve pursuant to the Illinois Natural Areas Preservation Act [525 ILCS 30];

f) All historic and archaeological sites designated by the National Historic Preservation Act (16 USC 470 et seq.) and the Illinois Historic Preservation Act [20 ILCS 3410];

g) All areas identified as a critical habitat pursuant to the Endangered Species Act (16 USC 1531 et seq.) and the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act [520 ILCS 10];

h) All main service corridors, transportation routes, and access roads to the facility;

i) All residences and areas in which people congregate within 1/2 mile of the facility boundaries;

j) The locations of all on-site potable water supply wells and all potable water supply wells within 1/8 mile of the boundaries of the facility;

k) The types of land use for the properties immediately adjacent to the facility (i.e., residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, etc.). This must include any zoning classifications of these properties and the location (and function) of all buildings within 1/2 mile of the facility; and

l) In the case of a facility that is developed or the permitted composting area of which is expanded after January 1, 1999, all of the following, the property line of which is within 1/8 mile of the nearest edge of the composting area:

1) Facilities that primarily serve to house or treat people that are immunocompromised or immunosuppressed, such as cancer or AIDS patients; people with asthma, cystic fibrosis, or bioaerosol allergies; or children under the age of one year;

2) Primary and secondary schools and adjacent areas that the school uses for recreation; and

3) Any facility for child care licensed under Section 3 of the Child Care Act of 1969 [225 ILCS 10/3]; preschools; and adjacent areas that the facility or preschool uses for recreation.


Amended at 22 Ill. Reg. 21044, effective November 23, 1998


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