Sec. 5020.200 - Determination of Eligible Recipients

ยง 5020.200. Determination of Eligible Recipients

a) The following organizations shall be eligible to become recipients of Federal Surplus property:

1) State Agencies, Officers and Executive Code Departments.

2) Municipalities and Other Units of Local Government.

3) Private, Non-Profit, Tax Exempt Organizations.

b) Each organization seeking to become a recipient shall be required to file with SASP.

1) The organization's name, address and telephone number.

2) The name and title of the organization's chief executive officer.

3) A description of the organization outlining the type of organization; and the details and scope of its programs and activities.

4) When items available are insufficient to fill all requests, the SASP shall request additional information to determine the requesting organizations' relative income and expenses.

5) If the applicant is a private tax exempt organization, an official certificate issued by the Internal Revenue Service stating that the organization has tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. ( 26 U.S.C 501).

6) An "Application Certification and Agreement" form, signed by the recipients chief executive officer, accepting the terms and conditions under which surplus property shall be transferred.

7) A duly executed authorization from the executive head of the applying organization giving one or more persons the power to act as agents for the applicant.

8) A completed "Assurance of Compliance" form indicating that the applicant is in compliance with the civil rights and non-discriminatory regulations off the Federal General Services Administration.

9) A list of the types of equipment, vehicles, supplies and machines the applicant desires to receive.

10) Proof that the organization is approved, accredited or licensed by a body with statutory or administrative authority to issue such approval, accreditation, or license.

c) All organizations submitting applications shall submit all additional information, documentation or proof required by SASP to process applications.

d) All necessary application forms shall be provided by the SASP.

e) After a completed application is submitted, the SASP shall evaluate the prospective recipient and notify the organization if it is accepted or rejected. Prospective recipients shall only be disqualified if they do not meet the requirements listed under subsections (a) and (b) above. Prospective recipients shall have the right to appeal such rejection to the General Services Administration of the United States Government pursuant to 41 CFR 101 - 44.202(c)(9) (February 1980).

f) All approvals of eligibility shall be reviewed after three years or as required to determine continued eligibility status.

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