Sec. 5040.210 - Fuel Economy Standards

ยง 5040.210. Fuel Economy Standards

All new passenger automobiles purchased or leased by any State entity or used passenger automobiles obtained from Property Control (including inter-agency transfer) must be rated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as meeting the minimum average fuel economy for the model year of the automobile, in miles per gallon, imposed upon manufacturers of vehicles pursuant to Title V of the Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act (15 USC 2001 et seq.) as amended.

a) Exceptions: Exceptions to the mileage standards set forth in the Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act may be authorized by CMS to be submitted to the State Purchasing Officer for final approval. Acquisition of any statutorily excepted vehicles is allowable, but a statement must accompany the acquisition request indicating why a more economical vehicle cannot fulfill the operational needs of the agency.

b) Requests for Exceptions: Requests for exceptions must be made on the Vehicle Acquisition Request form provided by CMS and be signed by the executive head of the requesting agency. Requests must fully describe the circumstances necessitating a non-compliant vehicle.

c) Evaluation of Exception Request: CMS will review each exception request and, if CMS believes an exception is warranted, CMS will submit the exception request to the State Purchasing Officer for final approval. No exception request will be submitted to the State Purchasing Officer for final approval unless it is clear from the agency request that a non-compliant vehicle is necessary in order to carry out the functions of the requesting agency.

d) In response to an exception request, CMS may suggest a more economical alternative to the agency head. If the agency head can demonstrate that the alternate vehicle will not allow the agency to carry out its statutory functions, and that no other vehicles meeting the standards are available or could similarly carry out the agency's functions, CMS will recommend to the State Purchasing Officer that the requested exception be granted.

e) Rental Vehicles: Agency personnel renting vehicles from private firms are to utilize the most fuel efficient vehicle available from the rental firm that meets agency needs.


Amended at 9 Ill. Reg. 13720, effective August 21, 1985

Amended at 38 Ill. Reg. 16839, effective July 25, 2014)

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