Sec. 1275.20 - Approved Programs

ยง 1275.20. Approved Programs

a) The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation-Division of Professional Regulation (Division) shall approve a landscape architecture program if it meets the following minimum criteria:

1) The institution is legally recognized and authorized by the jurisdiction in which it is located to confer the landscape architecture degree.

2) Has a faculty which comprises a sufficient number of full-time instructors to make certain that the educational obligations to the student are fulfilled. The faculty must have demonstrated competence as evidenced by appropriate degrees in their areas of teaching from professional colleges or institutions.

3) Has a designated program director.

4) Has an undergraduate first-professional baccalaureate degree which is at least 4 academic years in duration and/or has a graduate first-professional master's degree which is at least 3 academic years in duration.

5) Has a designated title and degree description incorporating the term "Landscape Architecture."

6) Has a curriculum which shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

A) Landscape Architecture History

B) Professional Practice

C) Landscape Design, Planning and Management

D) Design Implementation

7) The Division or Landscape Architect Registration Board (Board) may require additional information in order to evaluate the program.

b) In determining whether a program shall be approved, the Division shall take into consideration, but not be bound by, accreditation or approval by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board.

c) The Division has determined that all landscape architecture programs accredited or approved by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board as of January 1, 1998 meet the minimum criteria set forth in this Section and are, therefore, approved.


Amended at 30 Ill. Reg. 4646, effective March 2, 2006


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