Sec. 1275.75 - Fees

ยง 1275.75. Fees

The following fees may be paid to the Division and are not refundable:

a) Application Fees. The fee for application for a license as a landscape architect is $100. In addition, applicants for an examination shall be required to pay to the designated testing service a fee covering the cost of providing the examination.

b) Renewal Fees. The fee for the renewal of a license shall be calculated at the rate of $30 per year.

c) General Fees

1) The fee for the restoration of a license other than from inactive status is $50 plus payment of all lapsed renewal fees, not to exceed $230.

2) The fee for the issuance of a duplicate license, for the issuance of a replacement license for a license that has been lost or destroyed or for the issuance of a license with a change of name or address, other than during the renewal period, is $20. No fee is required for name and address changes on Division records when no duplicate license is issued.

3) The fee for a certification of a licensee's record for any purpose is $20.

4) The fee for a wall certificate showing licensure shall be the actual cost of producing the certificate.

5) The fee for a roster of persons licensed as landscape architects in this State shall be the actual cost of producing the roster.


Amended at 37 Ill. Reg. 16378, effective October 18, 2013


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