Sec. 1283.46 - Application for Examination/Licensure for an Individual Licensed as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

ยง 1283.46. Application for Examination/Licensure for an Individual Licensed as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

a) An individual holding a license as an associate marriage and family therapist who is applying for examination/licensure as a marriage and family therapist shall file an application, on forms supplied by the Division, at least 90 days prior to an examination date. The application shall include:

1) Verification, on forms provided by the Division, signed by an employer or supervisor that following the receipt of the first qualifying degree, the applicant obtained at least 3000 hours of work experience as defined in Section 1283.15. If the applicant is self employed, the applicant shall submit 3 affidavits from peers, clients or colleagues familiar with the applicant's work;

2) Verification of at least 200 hours of clinical supervision as defined in Section 1283.25;

3) Verification of at least 1000 hours of clinical experience pursuant to Section 1283.20;

4) The fee set forth in Section 1283.95(a)(1);

5) Certification, on forms provided by the Division, from the state or territory of the United States in which the applicant was originally licensed and the state in which the applicant is currently licensed, if applicable, stating:

A) The time during which the applicant was licensed in that jurisdiction, including the date of the original issuance of the license;

B) A description of the examination in that jurisdiction; and

C) Whether the file on the applicant contains any record of disciplinary actions taken or pending.

b) An applicant who has taken and passed the examination in another jurisdiction shall have the examination submitted to the Division directly from the testing service.

c) When the accuracy of any submitted documentation or the relevance or sufficiency of the course work or experience is questioned by the Division or the Board because of lack of information, discrepancies or conflicts in information given or need for clarification, the applicant seeking licensure shall be requested to:

1) Provide such information as may be necessary; and/or

2) Appear for an interview before the Board to explain the relevance or sufficiency, clarify information or clear up any discrepancies or conflicts in information.


Amended at 31 Ill. Reg. 4711, effective March 9, 2007


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