Sec. 1295.30 - Examination

ยง 1295.30. Examination

a) The examination for licensed naprapaths shall be the Illinois Written Clinical Competency Examination.

b) Grades shall be reported as pass or fail.

c) If an applicant neglects, fails or refuses to take an examination within 3 years after filing an application, the application shall be denied.

d) Any applicant who has been unsuccessful in 3 examinations conducted in this State or any other jurisdiction shall be deemed ineligible for further examination until he/she submits certification of education, on forms supplied by the Department, to the Committee, subsequent to the third failure, that the applicant has successfully completed:

1) A course of clinical education of not less than 3 months on a full-time basis under the direct, on site, personal supervision of a licensed naprapath in conjunction with an approved program of naprapathy; or

2) A course of study of not less than 48 classroom hours in an approved program of naprapathy; or

3) Not less than 3 months of full-time, not for pay, on site training, supervised by a licensed naprapath in a clinical setting in Illinois. An affidavit signed by the supervisor shall be submitted to the Department to verify training.

e) Any person licensed in Illinois as a naprapath shall not be admitted to the examination. However, in no way shall this provision limit the Department's ability to require reexaminations for restoration or enforcement purposes.

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