Sec. 1310.40 - Approved Nursing Home Administration Courses

ยง 1310.40. Approved Nursing Home Administration Courses

The Department, upon the recommendation of the Nursing Home Administrators Licensing and Disciplinary Board (the "Board"), shall approve courses of instruction in nursing home administration offered by an accredited college or university which include instruction in the following areas:

a) Nursing Home Administration; including planning, organization, operations and services, resource development, supervision of staff, and control and evaluation of facility performance. Government Relations; including state and federal laws (i.e., Social Security Act ( 42 USC 301 et seq.) and Nursing Home Care Act [210 ILCS 45]) and rules and regulations for both programs and physical plants which relate to the nursing home profession.

b) Personnel Management; including managing people for the specific needs of the long-term care facility, recruitment and selection, orientation, training and development of employees, development of employee appraisal programs, communications, wage and salary administration, union procedures, and employee-management relations, discipline and morale.

c) Accounting and Financial Management; including basic accounting, adjustment of accounts, preparation of financial statements, financial management planning, effective use of resources, financial performance evaluation, cost analysis, and budgeting.

d) Social Gerontology and/or Geriatrics; including biology of aging, psychology of aging, changing social roles of aging, personal adjustment to aging, programs for health improvement and rehabilitation, financial aspects of aging, retirement, independency and dependency of aging persons, societal disengagement, impact of living arrangements, and interaction between the institution and the needs of patients.


Amended at 23 Ill. Reg. 5728, effective April 30, 1999


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