Sec. 1515.110 - [Effective until 10/9/2021]Inactive Status

ยง 1515.110. [Effective until 10/9/2021]Inactive Status

a) Licensed sign language interpreters (excluding Illinois Short-Term Conditional License holders) who notify the Commission may place their licenses on inactive status by submitting the request on forms prescribed by the Commission and paying the fee required by Section 1515.70. Interpreters shall be excused from paying renewal fees until they notify the Commission in writing of the intention to resume active practice.

b) Any licensed sign language interpreter for the deaf seeking restoration from inactive status shall do so in accordance with Section 1515.120 of this Part.

c) Any sign language interpreter for the deaf whose license is on inactive status shall not use the title "sign language interpreter for the deaf" or any of the other designations listed in Section 15 of the Act in the State of Illinois. Any person violating this subsection (c) shall be considered to be practicing without a license and shall be subject to the disciplinary provisions of the Act.

(Amended by emergency rulemaking at 45 Ill. Reg. 6660, effective May 12, 2021, for a maximum of 150 days)

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