Sec. 1515.30 - Application for Licensure

ยง 1515.30. Application for Licensure

a) The Commission shall issue a license to an applicant who submits proof of the following:

1) Certification of graduation from high school or its equivalent;

2) Proof of an accepted certification as specified in Section 1515.50; and

3) The required fee specified in Section 1515.70.

b) All documents shall be submitted on forms prescribed by the Commission.

c) If the applicant has ever been licensed in another jurisdiction, he/she shall also submit certifications, on forms prescribed by the Commission, from the jurisdiction where the applicant was originally licensed and the jurisdiction in which the applicant is currently licensed, stating:

1) The time during which the applicant was licensed in that jurisdiction, including the date of the original issuance of license;

2) A description of the certification or skill assessment in that jurisdiction; and

3) Whether the file on the applicant contains any record of disciplinary actions taken or pending.

d) When the accuracy of any submitted documentation or experience is questioned by the Commission because of lack of information, discrepancies or conflicts in information given, or need for clarification, the applicant seeking licensure shall be requested to:

1) Provide the necessary information; and/or

2) Appear for an interview before the Board, if requested, to explain the relevance or sufficiency, clarify information, or clear up any discrepancies or conflicts in information.

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