Sec. 1515.40 - Application for Provisional Licensure

ยง 1515.40. Application for Provisional Licensure

a) An applicant for a provisional license shall file an application on the forms prescribed by the Commission, together with:

1) One of the following:

A) Proof of an accepted certificate under Section 1515.50(a); or

B) Proof that the applicant has completed, and is awaiting results of, a test required for acceptable certification under Section 1515.50; and

2) The required fee set forth in Section 1515.70.

b) A provisional license shall expire 12 months from the date of issuance and can only be renewed once for an additional 12 month period. Under no circumstances shall a provisional license be issued for a time period longer than 24 months. A provisional license shall automatically expire upon issuance of the Illinois license.

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