Sec. 390.1450 - Control of Medications

ยง 390.1450. Control of Medications

a) The facility shall comply with all federal and State laws and State regulations relating to the procurement, storage, dispensing, administration, and disposal of medications.

b) All Schedule II controlled substances shall be stored so that two separate locks, using two different keys, must be unlocked to obtain these substances. This may be accomplished by several methods, such as locked cabinets within locked medicine rooms; separately locked, securely fastened boxes (or drawers) within a locked medicine cabinet; locked portable medication carts that are stored in locked medicine rooms when not in use; or portable medication carts containing a separate locked area within the locked medication cart, when such cart is made immobile.

c) Disposal of Medications

1) All medications having an expiration date that has passed, and all medications of residents who have been discharged or who have died shall be disposed of in accordance with the written policies and procedures established by the facility in accordance with Section 390.1410. Medications shall be transferred with a resident, upon the order of the resident's physician, when a resident transfers to another facility. All discontinued medications, with the exception of those products regulated and defined as controlled substances under Section 802 of the federal Controlled Substances Act ( 21 USC 802), shall be returned to the dispensing pharmacy.

2) Medications for any resident who has been temporarily transferred to a hospital shall be kept in the facility. Medications may be given to a discharged resident only upon the order of the licensed prescriber.

d) Inventory Controls

1) For all Schedule II controlled substances, a controlled substances record shall be maintained that lists on separate sheets, for each type and strength of Schedule II controlled substance, the following information: date, time administered, name of resident, dose, licensed prescriber's name, signature of person administering dose, and number of doses remaining.

2) The pharmaceutical advisory committee may also require that other medications shall be subject to such inventory records.


Amended at 27 Ill. Reg. 5947, effective April 01, 2003


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