Sec. 1035.46 - Military Deferrals

ยง 1035.46. Military Deferrals

a) Any school bus permit holder who is a service member called to active duty and who wishes to defer the expiration of his or her school bus permit must provide his or her employer with a copy of his or her military order.

b) Within 30 days after receipt of the military order, the employer shall notify the Secretary that the school bus permit holder has been called to active duty by submitting the school bus driver active duty form to the Secretary. If the service member's active duty is extended, and the employer is so notified by the school bus permit holder, the employer shall notify the Secretary of the extension by submitting a second school bus driver active duty form.

c) Upon receipt of the school driver bus driver active duty form, the Secretary shall place the school bus permit in inactive status.

d) Upon return from active duty, the employer shall notify the Secretary of the school bus permit holder's return by submitting a school bus driver return from active duty form.

e) Within 90 days after return from activity military duty, the school bus driver permit holder shall renew the school bus permit by obtaining a physical examination, as set forth in Section 1035.20, and completing a refresher course, as required by Section 1035.30.


Added at 34 Ill. Reg. 7750, effective May 20, 2010


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