Sec. 1060.100 - Licenses

ยง 1060.100. Licenses

a) No individual, partnership, group, association or corporation may sell, assign, barter, or trade any driver training school license or driver training instructor license issued by the Secretary of State. No license issued under the Illinois Vehicle Code to any person to operate a driver training school or to an instructor shall be transferable.

b) When any licensed driver training school ceases to engage in the business of giving instruction for compensation in the driving of motor vehicles or the business of preparing an applicant for examination given by the Secretary of State for a drivers license or when, upon reasonable investigation, it appears that the school has ceased to do business, the owners, partners, associates, corporate directors, officers or managers of the driver training school shall surrender their driver training school license to the Secretary of State.

c) Driver training school instructors must have their wallet instructor's license on their person during all classroom and behind the wheel instruction.


Amended at 31 Ill. Reg. 16008, effective November 16, 2007


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