Sec. 1065.65 - Safety Inspection of Enhanced Skills Driving School Motor Vehicles

ยง 1065.65. Safety Inspection of Enhanced Skills Driving School Motor Vehicles

a) No motor vehicle shall be used for enhanced skills training unless:

1) it is owned or leased in the name of the ESDS licensed by the Department or school owner indicated on the license and a lease agreement is submitted to the Department signed by the lessor and lessee. The lease agreement shall contain the make, year and vehicle identification number of the vehicle. It shall also contain the names and addresses of the lessor and lessee;

2) it is in safe operating condition that includes, but is not limited to, operating and undamaged doors, mirrors, windshield, exhaust system, headlights, turn signals, seat belts, brakes and tires;

3) it is listed in the driver training school license application and insurance certificate on file with the Department.

b) The Department shall not issue an insurance certificate sticker until the school has provided to the Department a vehicle fleet schedule listing the vehicles used by the school that is signed by an authorized representative of the school and an insurance certificate form provided by the Department.

c) The insurance certificate sticker shall be issued by the Department and shall be firmly attached to the lower right portion of the front windshield of the vehicle and shall not be removed until the term of validity has expired or the motor vehicle ceases to be used for ESDS instruction or ESDS purposes by the ESDS identified on the sticker.

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