Sec. 1066.100 - Online Only Adult Driver Education Course Website and Security Requirements

ยง 1066.100. Online Only Adult Driver Education Course Website and Security Requirements

a) Each provider's website must display the following information on its homepage:

1) the provider's Secretary of State certification number;

2) a statement that complaints regarding the provider may be directed to the Secretary of State's Commercial Driver Training School Section. Contact information for the Commercial Driver Training School Section shall be included with the statement.

b) Each provider must offer the course from a single domain. The course may accept students that are redirected to the online course domain, as long as the provider's certification number appears on the source that redirects the student to the online course domain. The student must be redirected to a webpage that clearly identifies the certified provider offering the course before the student begins the registration process, supplies any information, or pays for the course.

c) Providers are prohibited from selling or disclosing any consumer information provided by the student. A statement to that effect must be posted on the provider's website in a conspicuous location.

d) Providers are prohibited from requesting the social security numbers of students.

e) Providers must take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to consumer information, either in printed or electronic form, and, upon discovery, shall immediately report any unauthorized access to the Department.

f) Provider servers must be located in a secure location, with access restricted to only those employees or persons who have a need to access the server.

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