Sec. 1066.5 - Definitions

ยง 1066.5. Definitions

Unless otherwise noted, the following definitions shall apply to this Part:

"Applicant" - an entity applying for certification as an online only adult driver education course provider. Every officer, owner, director, partner and/or manager is subject to this Part.

"Certification" - a document issued by the Department that authorizes the entity named in the document to offer an online only adult driver education course.

"Consumer Information" - name, address, date of birth, gender, email address and payment information, including credit card and bank account numbers or electronic payment data of students who are enrolled in or have completed an adult driver education course.

"Department" - the Commercial Driving Training School Division within the Department of Driver Services within the Office of the Secretary of State.

"Fraudulent Activity" - any action calculated to deceive, whether it be a single act or combination of circumstances, whether the suppression of the truth or the suggestion of what is false, whether it be by direct falsehood or by innuendo, by speech or by silence.

"Illinois Vehicle Code" or "Vehicle Code" or "IVC" - 625 ILCS 5.

"Online Only Adult Driver Education Course Provider" or "Provider" - an entity or person certified by the Secretary of State to provide an adult driver education course solely online.

"Secretary of State" or "Secretary" - the Secretary of State of the State of Illinois.

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