Sec. 1066.50 - Online Only Adult Driver Education Course Student Instruction Record

ยง 1066.50. Online Only Adult Driver Education Course Student Instruction Record

a) A provider shall provide for the creation and maintenance of the records documenting student enrollment, the verification of the student's identity, and testing of the student's mastery of the course material. The provider shall also ensure that the student record is readily, securely, and reliably available for inspection by a representative of the Secretary of State. The records shall be maintained for a minimum of 3 years. The student records shall contain the following information:

1) the student's first, middle and last name;

2) the student's residence and email addresses;

3) the student's date of birth and gender;

4) a record of all questions asked and the student's responses;

5) a record of the date and time the student spent in each section and the total instructional time the student spent in the course; and

6) a record of all verification of the student's identity (i.e., if voice biometrics are used, a copy of each voice recording must be maintained).

b) Failure to maintain the required student instruction records, and/or the maintenance of incomplete records, shall be prima facie evidence that the required instruction was not administered.

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