Sec. 1202.20 - Notice of Application for Permanent Authority

ยง 1202.20. Notice of Application for Permanent Authority

a) When public notice of an application is required by the Law, notice shall be given by publication in the "official newspaper" designated by the Department of Central Management Services pursuant to Section 4 of The Illinois Purchasing Act (Ill. Rev. Stat. 1989, ch. 127, par. 132.4). The notice must state the docket number assigned by the Commission and must be on the publication of notice form provided by the Commission.

b) An applicant shall be directed to republish notice of an application when the original publication failed to give notice to the public of the nature and extent of the proposed operations or when the publication was not in compliance with this Section.

c) Each applicant shall obtain from the official newspaper a certificate of publication certifying that the notice has been published and showing the contents of the notice and the date of publication. The applicant shall file the certificate with the Commission. A hearing on the application shall not commence until the certificate of publication has been filed.


Amended at 15 Ill. Reg. 17568, effective December 1, 1991


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