Sec. 1550.30 - Rear Compartments

ยง 1550.30. Rear Compartments

a) A rear compartment may be either a continuation cab or an auxiliary cab.

b) A continuation cab is a standard crew cab as designed and furnished by the motor vehicle manufacturer or as constructed by a motor vehicle body company which is a continuance of the driver's cab, of equal strength, all welded construction. In this type of cab, no communication system between the rear compartment and the driver is required.

c) An auxiliary cab is a rear compartment separated from the driver's cab. It shall be of metal construction (including top), welded or riveted, with interior lining, equipped with adequate padded seats and back rests firmly secured in place. It shall be fastened directly to the frame of the motor vehicle and not to the surface of the bed of the vehicle. When necessary, it shall be equipped with steps and hand holds. Communication between this type of cab and the driver may be in the form of a light mounted on the instrument panel or an audible device that can be operated by the employees riding in the rear compartment. An intercommunication system for actual voice contact may also be used. Communication systems must be kept in good working condition at all times.

d) Both types of cabs shall be provided with a heating system for cold weather and a ventilation system for hot weather, providing heat and ventilation substantially equal to that provided for the driver. Exhaust systems shall be so designed as to prevent exhaust fumes from entering the rear compartment. Heavy duty hinge-type doors shall be provided, equipped with automotive-type safety latches. All windows shall be of safety glass, as required by Illinois law. Where a compartment is equipped with only one door, at least one window shall be of the "knock-out" type and of sufficient size to provide emergency exit for the employees. All vehicles shall have adequate seating capacity for the number of employees carried.

e) Canvas-covered truck beds or shelters built of wood, plywood or light-gauge metal on the bed of the truck shall not be considered as a rear compartment. The vehicles shall be especially built or modified for transporting employees in compartments separate from space used to transport tools, material and equipment for the employees.

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