Sec. 1550.50 - Safety Equipment Required

ยง 1550.50. Safety Equipment Required

a) All vehicles used for the transportation of employees shall carry an adequate first-aid kit suitable for the number of employees transported.

b) Each vehicle used to transport employees shall be equipped with either a two pound dry chemical type, or a four pound carbon dioxide type fire extinguisher approved by the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. These are minimum capacities. Toxic vaporizing liquid type fire extinguishers, such as those containing carbon tetrachloride or chlorobromethane, will not be permitted.

c) Racks, boxes, holsters or equivalent means shall be provided and arranged so employees will not be endangered by tools or equipment while being transported, loaded or removed.

d) To prevent materials being transported on flatbed trucks from shifting against cab or rear compartment, a suitable front end gate must be provided.

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