Sec. 397.1010 - Application

ยง 397.1010. Application

a) This Part applies to each motor carrier engaged in the transportation of hazardous materials by a motor vehicle which must be marked or placarded in accordance with "Carriage by Public Highway" ( 49 CFR 177.823) and to:

1) Each officer or employee of the motor carrier who performs supervisory duties related to the transportation of hazardous materials; and

2) Each person who operates or who is in charge of a motor vehicle containing hazardous materials.

b) Each person designated in subsection (a) must know and obey the rules in this Part.

c) This Part does not apply to the transportation in Illinois of hazardous materials by a farmer when in approved containers and in the amounts and manner specified in 92 Ill. Adm. Code 171.22, Agricultural Exception.


Amended at 24 Ill. Reg. 1938, effective January 19, 2000


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