Sec. 435.30 - Definitions

ยง 435.30. Definitions

"Body" means the portion of a bus that encloses the occupant and cargo spaces and separates those spaces from the chassis frame, engine compartment, driveline, and other chassis components, except certain chassis controls used by the driver.

"Body-on-Chassis" means a completed vehicle consisting of a passenger seating body mounted on a truck type chassis (or other separate chassis) so that the body and chassis are separate entities, although one may reinforce or brace the other.

"Bus" means everymotor vehicle, other than a commuter van, designed for carrying more than ten persons. (Section 1-107 of the Code)

"Chassis" means every frame or supportive element of a vehicle whether or not a manufacturer's identification number, serial number, or other identifying numbers are present on said part. (Section 1-111.1(b) of the Code)

"Code" means the Illinois Vehicle Code [625 ILCS 5].

"Commercial Vehicle Safety Section" means a section of the Bureau of Safety Programs of the Division of Traffic Safety, Illinois Department of Transportation.

"Department" means theDepartment of Transportation of the State of Illinois, acting directly or through its duly authorized officers and agents. (Section 1-115.05 of the Code)

"Division" means the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Traffic Safety.

"Empty Weight" means the unloaded vehicle weight; i.e., the weight of a vehicle with maximum capacity of all fluids necessary for operation of the vehicle but without cargo or occupant.

"FMVSS" means the rules and standards set forth in 49 CFR 571 and known as the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

"Gross Vehicle Weight Rating" or "GVWR" means the value specified by the manufacturer as the loaded weight of the school bus. (See Section 1-124.5 of the Code.)

"Illinois Vehicle Equipment Law" means 625 ILCS 5/12-101 through 12 -902.

"Manufacturer" (unless otherwise indicated at the point of use) means the person or organization whose name follows "MANUFACTURED BY" or "MFD BY" on the federal certification label.

"Multifunction School Activity Bus" or "MFSAB" means a school bus manufactured for the purpose of transporting 11 or more persons, including the driver, whose purposes do not include transporting students to and from home or school bus stops. A MFSAB is prohibited from meeting the special requirements for school buses in Sections 12-801, 12-803, and 12-805 and subsection (a) of Section 12-802 of the Code. (Section 1-148.3a5 of the Code, as amended by PA 97-378, effective August 15, 2011)

"Passenger" means every occupant of the vehicle who is not the driver.

"Purchase Date" means the date when the purchase transaction was completed, not when the body or chassis was built.

"Seating Reference Point" means the unique design H-point, as defined in SAE J1100, that simulates the position of the pivot center of the human torso and thigh. Each school bus manufacturer utilizes different criteria to determine the specific seating reference point on passenger seats for vehicles they manufacture.

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