Sec. 447.1020 - Definitions

ยง 447.1020. Definitions

"Brake components" - Any component the manufacturer has determined necessary to satisfy regulations or standards (FMVSS or SAE) governing braking operations.

"Certified Safety Tester" (CST) - An individual employed by an Official Testing Station who has passed a written exam and has demonstrated proficiency in the operation of authorized safety test equipment and has been issued evidence and authority by the Department to safety test vehicles in Illinois.

"Code" - The Illinois Vehicle Code [625 ILCS 5].

"Department" - The Department of Transportation of the State of Illinois, acting directly or through its authorized agents or officers. (Section 13-100 of the Code)

"Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards" (FMVSS) - The rules, regulations and standards set forth in 49 CFR 571.

"Officer" - An employee of the Illinois Department of Transportation.

"Official Testing Station" - All contiguous real and personal property which houses the testing lane(s) and any and all equipment and supplies relating to the safety inspection of vehicles.

"Society of Automotive Engineers" (SAE) - Society responsible for establishing industry standards which manufacturers follow in design and construction of motor vehicles.

"School Bus" - Every motor vehicle, except as provided below, owned or operated by or for any of the following entities for the transportation of persons regularly enrolled as students in grade 12 or below in connection with any activity of such entity:

Any public or private primary or secondary school;

Any primary or secondary school operated by a religious institution; or

Any public, private or religious nursery school.

This definition shall not include the following:

A bus operated by a public utility, municipal corporation or common carrier authorized to conduct local or interurban transportation of passengers when such bus is not traveling a specific school bus route but is:

On a regularly scheduled route for the transportation of other fare paying passengers;

Furnishing charter service for the transportation of groups on field trips or other special trips or in connection with other special events; or

Being used for shuttle service between attendance centers or other educational facilities.

A motor vehicle of the first division. (Section 1-182 of the Code.)

"School Bus Brake Inspection Report" (see Section 447.Illustration A) - The form established by the Department to be used by school bus owners/operators to record school bus brake inspection requirements. The Brake Inspection Report is presented to the CST at the Official Testing Station at the time of the safety inspection required by Section 13-101 of the Code.

"Vehicle Inspection Report" - The form prescribed by the Department which is completed at the Official Testing Station when a vehicle is presented for a safety inspection.

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