Sec. 447.1030 - Administrative Requirements

ยง 447.1030. Administrative Requirements

a) The Department requires brakes on school buses operated in Illinois to be visually inspected every 10,000 miles or once a year (whichever occurs first).

b) This brake inspection is separate from and in addition to the 10,000 mile or semi-annual safety inspection required by Section 13-101 of the Code.

c) The brake components (e.g., linings, drums, hydraulic or air lines, wheel cylinders) must be visually inspected on each school bus. This inspection usually requires the wheels to be pulled from the school bus. Some manufacturers have provided inspection ports on the wheels which can be used in lieu of pulling the wheels provided all applicable brake components can be properly inspected.

d) The brake components must be inspected to verify the manufacturer's specifications are being met or exceeded at the time of the brake inspection.

e) A school bus brake inspection report must be completed for each school bus inspected to document compliance with the manufacturer's specifications.

f) The school bus brake inspection report (Section 447.Illustration A) contains the following information. An original or photocopy of Section 447.Illustration A must be used to comply with this subsection.

1) Name, address and phone number of the bus owner/operator;

2) District or school served;

3) School bus unit number;

4) School bus chassis make;

5) School bus chassis year;

6) Vehicle Identification Number;

7) Date and location of brake inspection; and

8) Mileage on school bus at the time of brake inspection.

g) The Brake Inspection Report must be signed and dated by an authorized official of the contractor or school district. The authorized official takes full responsibility for the inspection of the braking system.

h) A valid, properly completed Brake Inspection Report (see Section 447.Illustration A) must be presented to the CST at the time of the safety inspection required by Section 13-101 of the Illinois Vehicle Code. This report must be retained at the Official Testing Station attached to the corresponding Vehicle Inspection Report.

i) If the school bus has been driven less than 10,000 miles and less than 12 months have passed since the bus was manufactured, a brake inspection report is not required. The CST should write "Less than 10,000 miles and less than one year old" in the Remarks Section on the Vehicle Inspection Report.

j) For each school bus inspected, a separate maintenance record must be maintained which contains the following:

1) Person(s) name performing the brake inspection and repairs, if necessary;

2) Owner/operator of the school bus;

3) Date of the brake inspection/repairs;

4) Vehicle identification (i.e., year, make, model, Vehicle Identification Number);

5) Mileage on the school bus at the time of the brake inspection; and

6) Record of work performed on the bus in order to meet manufacturer's specifications (e.g., specific components repaired, replaced, adjusted, etc.).

k) The maintenance records required in subsection (k) shall be retained where the vehicle is either housed or maintained for a period of one year and for six months after the school bus leaves the owner/operator's control.

l) The maintenance records shall be available for inspection and audit by officers of the Department at any time.

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