Sec. 456.110 - Violation Criteria for COVID-19 Related Equipment

ยง 456.110. Violation Criteria for COVID-19 Related Equipment

Personal protective equipment and COVID-19 related signage may be installed on any vehicle inspected under this Part. If installed, the equipment and signage shall be inspected according to this Section.

a) Hand Sanitizer Dispenser:

OUT-OF-SERVICE - Installed in a way to cause a catch point to passengers as they enter or exit.

WARNING - Installed in a way other than securely in the driver/entry area, either behind the handrail or just to the right of the driver on the vertical portion of the dash. Dispenser is installed in a location where it drips or leaks onto the entryway or passenger walkway. Dispenser is missing "hand sanitizer" or "sanitizer" label.

b) Driver Protective Barrier:

OUT-OF-SERVICE - Barrier is secured, padded, or constructed of material not in compliance with FMVSS standards. Passenger seat directly behind the driver is operative with a barrier installed. Exposed lower seat cushion frame directly behind the driver not padded in compliance with FMVSS standards with a barrier installed.


c) COVID-19 Related Lettering/Signage:

WARNING - Lettering/signage installed in a location other than on the forward-facing seat backs or seat cushion, ceiling, or bulkhead. Other required lettering is obstructed.

(Added at 45 Ill. Reg. 4942, effective April 5, 2021)

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