Sec. 456.80 - Violation Criteria for Alternate Fuel School Buses

ยง 456.80. Violation Criteria for Alternate Fuel School Buses

Alternate fuel school buses are subject to the inspection requirements of Section 456.60 and the following:

a) Pipe Hose and Fittings:

1) OUT-OF-SERVICE - incorrect pipe size; fuel supply line that passes through driver or passenger compartment; reduced piping system; incorrect piping material; piping system blocks or hampers window or door; piping system is not located at least 36 inches from air inlet or outlet; missing drain cock; missing rain cap; piping system is not one piece originating below the bus floor and exiting outside the bus roof; holes where pipe exits or enters are not sealed; piping system does not terminate above the eave line or does extend above the roof of the bus.

2) 3-DAY - any parts remain from alternate fuel system after conversion to gasoline or diesel; no longer used but not made inoperable.

3) WARNING - Shielding is not present on piping outside the body below the window line.

b) Container and Container Appurtenances:

OUT-OF-SERVICE - Incorrect location; valves, appurtenances and connections are not mounted in enclosed compartment.

c) Identification Decal:

WARNING - missing.


Amended at 31 Ill. Reg. 6457, effective April 11, 2007


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