Sec. 518.20 - Definitions

ยง 518.20. Definitions

The following definitions are in addition to those found in the incorporated material in Section 518.30 and apply for purposes of this Part:

"Central Bureau of Land Acquisition" - means the office of the Division responsible for developing, evaluating and interpreting the policies and procedures for planning and implementing the statewide land acquisition program and for advising, guiding and assisting the Regional Engineers and the districts on all program policies.

"Director" - means the Director of the Division of Highways or the Director's designee.

"District" - means a geographic subgroup of the Division of Highways. Each district has its own land acquisition office or bureau.

"Division" - means the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Highways.

"Regional Engineer" - means the Regional Engineer of any one of the 5 regional offices of the Division of Highways or the Regional Engineer's designee. A Regional Engineer is responsible for all actions within a region, which is comprised of one or two districts.

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