Sec. 533.40 - Prohibited Activities

ยง 533.40. Prohibited Activities

a) Camping or the erection of tents and shelters on the grounds of rest areas is prohibited.

b) Use of waste containers for depositing household garbage is prohibited at rest areas. A fine of $50 pursuant to Ill. Rev. Stat. 1991, ch. 121, par. 9-121 [605 ILCS 5/9-121] applies to littering within rest area.

c) Wood and charcoal fires are prohibited in rest areas.

d) Removing or damaging any rest area accessory, such as picnic tables, trash containers, buildings, lighting, natural features, plant material, and turf is prohibited in rest areas.

e) Selling, merchandising, panhandling, and soliciting of any kind is prohibited in rest areas.

f) Disorderly conduct, intoxication, obscene or indecent acts, oration or other public demonstration are prohibited in rest areas.

g) Organized group activities are prohibited in rest areas unless first approved in writing by the District Engineer. Requests for approval should be submitted to:

Illinois Department of Transportation

Bureau of Operations

2300 South Dirksen Parkway

Springfield, Illinois 62764

(217) 782-2984

h) Swimming, bathing, or fishing in waters within or adjacent to rest areas is prohibited.

i) Displaying or discharging of firearms or fireworks is prohibited in rest areas.

j) Disturbing or injuring any fowl, animal or habitat within the rest area is prohibited.

k) Loitering and hitchhiking in the area is prohibited.

l) Sleeping overnight on the grounds, benches, or in the building of a rest area is prohibited.

m) Pets are prohibited in the buildings of rest areas.

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