Sec. 542.100 - Introduction

ยง 542.100. Introduction

a) This Part has been developed to regulate the use of business logos displayed along various freeways. It establishes standards, specifications, and financial responsibility for a program of placing business logos on specific service panels. The displayed business logos will provide motorists with travel related directional information to facilities offering gas, food, lodging, camping, and 24-hour pharmacies.

b) This program applies to freeways within the State of Illinois that are under the jurisdiction of the Department. However, because of the close spacing of interchanges, presence of existing critical directional signs, and congestion in the densely populated Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis metropolitan areas, this program will not apply to the following sections of highways:

1) Interstate 57 from the southerly Chicago city limits northerly to its terminal with Interstate 94;

2) Interstate 55 from Interstate 294 northerly to Lake Michigan;

3) Interstate 90 from the Indiana state line to Exit 3 northbound;

4) Interstate 94 from the southerly Chicago city limits northerly to the Wisconsin state line;

5) Interstate 290;

6) Interstate 55/70 from Interstate 255 southerly to the Missouri state line;

7) Interstate 64 from, but not including, Exit 6 westerly to the Missouri state line;

8) Interstate 74 through Peoria between and including the Sterling Avenue interchange (Exit 88) and the Washington Avenue interchange (Exit 95), except for the eastbound off-ramp to Sterling Avenue and the westbound off-ramp to Washington Street;

9) Interstate 74 from, and including, Exit 4 northerly to the Iowa state line;

10) Illinois 394 except for the Glenwood Dyer Road and US 30 interchanges; and

11) Any other freeway in Cook and DuPage Counties except for Interstate 80.

c) In an urbanized area where three consecutive freeway interchanges are each spaced less than one and one-quarter miles apart, logo signing will not be provided.


Amended at 35 Ill. Reg. 18905, effective October 26, 2011


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