Sec. 543.600 - Panel and Sign Design

§ 543.600. Panel and Sign Design

a) Freeway Panel Design

1) The word ATTRACTION and the exit number will be displayed above the tourism attraction signs in white legend ten inches in height on a blue background.

2) Tourism attraction signs may be combined with business logo signs on the same freeway panel with the business logo signs shown on the upper or left portion or portions of the panel and the tourism attraction signs on the lower or right portion of the panel. No more than a total of six signs may be shown on any one panel. Attraction signs will not be combined with an existing service panel displaying more than three business logo signs. When tourism attraction signs are combined with business logo signs, one space will remain available for each business logo service type displayed on the panel.

b) Exit Ramp Panel Design

1) Along exit ramps of single-exit interchanges, the tourism attraction signs will be displayed in similar order to that on the freeway. The Department will install the necessary directional arrows on the panel.

2) Tourism attraction signs and business logo signs may be combined on exit ramp panels.

c) Tourism Attraction Sign Design

1) The tourism attraction signs will be designed by the tourism attraction and supplied to the Department. The signs shall consist of the tourism attraction name, trademark symbol, or combination thereof, providing it does not resemble any traffic sign, signal, or device. The tourism attraction name or trademark must be consistent with that used on other signing for the tourism attraction and must be the primary message on the sign. The tourism attraction signs may also contain supplemental messages relating to the primary tourism attraction, including hours/days of the week the attraction is open. A tourism attraction sign shall not display the symbol/trademark or name of more than one business. If the tourism attraction is open less than four days a week, the days open or closed shall be shown. Messages that are not related to tourism attractions, including, but not limited to, alcoholic beverages, lottery tickets, and vehicle sales will not be allowed as supplemental messages. Supplemental messages must be significantly smaller than the primary tourism attraction name, trademark, or symbol used on the sign. The business sign may also contain one supplemental message identifying that the business is RV-friendly, subject to the following requirements:

A) The entrance to and egress from the attraction shall be hard-surfaced, kept free of potholes and at least 12 feet wide with a minimum swing radius of 50 feet to enter and exit the facility.

B) The entrance to and egress from the attraction and the parking area shall be free of any electrical wires, tree branches, canopies or other obstructions up to 14 feet above the surface.

C) Fueling facilities with canopies are required to have a 14-foot clearance, and those selling diesel fuel are required to have pumps with non-commercial nozzles.

D) Fueling facilities must allow for pull-through with a swing radius of 50 feet.

E) Attractions shall post signs on their sites directing motorists to RV-friendly parking spaces and other on-site RV-friendly services.

F) The supplemental message shall either be "RV access" or "RV friendly". It may also consist of an abbreviation "RV" in 6" black letters inside a 10" diameter yellow circle with a black border displayed within and near the lower right-hand corner of the business sign.

2) Any supplemental messages must be an integral part of that tourism attraction sign and not added as stickers or decals after the tourism attraction sign has been installed. Any sign that is tampered with by the tourism attraction by the addition or deletion of supplemental messages or by altering the name, logo, or symbol or any other portion of the message or design subsequent to installation will be removed by the Department. The tourism attraction must then provide a new sign in addition to the $50 per sign reinstallation fee required by Section 543.700(b)(4). Covering over of a message will not be allowed. Signs shall be fabricated on an aluminum base material between .080 and .125 inches thick. High-performance retroreflectorized background sheeting material shall be utilized for the signs. The size of the signs to be installed on freeway panels, exit ramp panels, and trailblazer signs shall be as follows:








Exit Ramp






Business sign lettering, other than that which is part of a logo, shall be a minimum of 8" high on freeway signs and 4" high on ramp and trailblazer signs. Supplemental message lettering shall be a minimum of 5" high on freeway signs and 2.5 " high on ramp and trailblazer signs.

3) In order to ensure that the signs meet the requirements of this Section, a tourism attraction shall provide a sign design to the Department for approval within 30 calendar days after approval of the application. If the sign design is not received by the Department within the 30-day time period, the space will be declared available.


Amended at 35 Ill. Reg. 18932, effective November 26, 2011


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