Sec. 557.100 - Purpose

ยง 557.100. Purpose

This Part establishes guidelines and procedures for determining the existence of serious safety hazards encountered by pupils walking on or along roadways, crossing roadways and crossing railroad tracks. This determination allows for the State Board of Education to provide reimbursement of transportation costs to custodians who choose to transport pupils residing within 11/2 miles from the school attended where vehicular traffic conditions are such that walking constitutes a serious hazard to the safety of the pupils and access to transportation provided entirely at public expense is not available (Section 29-5.2(c) of the School Code [105 ILCS 5/29-5.2(c)]). Both custodians and qualifying pupils must be residents of the State of Illinois (Section 29-5.2(b)(1)(A) of the School Code).


Amended at 25 Ill. Reg. 16534, effective December 18, 2001


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