APPENDIX A - Air Cleaner through Battery and Battery Compartment

APPENDIX A. Air Cleaner through Battery and Battery Compartment


Any type is acceptable.


Unobstructed minimum clearance leading from service door to emergency door (or back of bus) must be at least 12 inches (305 mm) wide. Floor to ceiling height must be a minimum of 68.9 inches (1.75 m) at any location within the aisle.


The generator, or alternator with rectifier, shall have a minimum capacity rating of 60 amperes and shall be capable of meeting all electrical requirements.


A guard barrier, constructed and thickly padded so as to provide head, knee and leg protection, shall be installed in front of each forward facing passenger seat that does not directly face the rear surface of another passenger seat. The barrier must measure the same height as the passenger seat back directly behind that barrier. Barriers shall conform to S5.2 through S5.2.3 of 49 CFR 571.222.


A minimum of one battery must be installed. Two or more suitably connected batteries may also be installed.

When rated in conformance with SAE Standard J537 (September 2000) the batteries shall provide a current flow for engine cranking no less than the engine manufacturer's recommended Cold Cranking Current (amperes for 30 seconds) at -18° C (0° F) or, at the purchaser's option, at -29° C (-20° F).

When rated in conformance with SAE Standard J537 (September 2000) the batteries shall provide a Reserve Capacity (duration of 25 ampere current flow) at 27° C (80° F) for no less than 135 minutes.

Battery or batteries may be mounted either in the engine area or outside of the passenger/driver area in a separate battery compartment.


When the battery is mounted outside the engine compartment, it shall be welded or bolted in a closed, weather-tight, and vented compartment that is located and arranged so as to provide for convenient routine servicing. The battery compartment door, or cover, shall be secured by a manually operated latch or other fastener. A latch or fastener must be designed in such a fashion as to keep the door closed when in the latched position. Each electrical cable connecting the battery in this carrier to the body or chassis shall be one piece between the terminal connector and the first body or chassis terminal connector.

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