APPENDIX I - Sun Visor through Undercoating

APPENDIX I. Sun Visor through Undercoating


Shall be interior, adjustable and not less than five inches by 16 inches. Must be installed above windshield.

Not required to be transparent, but must not interfere with view of interior rear view mirror.


Each spring and other component in any of the suspension systems shall be capable of supporting its share of the rated gross axle weight during normal operations.

c) TOW HOOKS (optional)

1) Front

A front tow hook must not extend beyond the front of the front bumper. Each front tow hook not fastened securely to the chassis frame shall be connected to the frame by suitable braces.

2) Rear

Any tow hooks installed on the rear shall be attached or braced to the chassis frame or to an equivalent structural member of an integral type bus. A tow hook must not extend beyond the rear face of the rear bumper.

d) TRASH CONTAINER (optional)

A trash container may be present. If present, it must be securely stored in the vehicle and must not obstruct an aisle.


Fire resistant undercoating material applied to entire underside of body, front fenders, wheel wells, floor members, and side panels below floor level. Non-metallic parts need not be coated.

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