Sec. 1515.105 - [Effective 10/9/2021]Supervision of Performance

ยง 1515.105. [Effective 10/9/2021]Supervision of Performance

a) A currently licensed interpreter may work one level above his or her current proficiency level when under the direct supervision of a current Illinois licensed interpreter with either an Advanced or Master proficiency level, involving a mentoring program as approved by the Commission.

b) Direct supervision, as applied to this Section, means the supervising interpreter (Mentor) with a valid license is on-site, in a position to view and offer guidance while an assigned activity is performed by the licensed interpreter working outside of his or her proficiency level (Mentee) as prescribed by Section 1515.90.

c) Assigned activities performed by the Mentee shall be within the scope of the Mentor's current proficiency level.

d) The Mentor shall maintain the final responsibility for the accuracy of the interpretation and the performance of the Mentee.

e) The Mentor may supervise no more than two Mentees at one time.

f) The following is not acceptable supervision of a licensed interpreter:

1) Peer supervision (supervision by a person of equivalent but not superior proficiency level); and

2) Supervision by current or former family members or any other person with whom the personal relationship prevents, or makes difficult, the establishment of a supervisory relationship.

g) The following protocols shall be followed in order for the Mentee to work under the direct supervision of the Mentor:

1) Completion of all forms prescribed by the Commission accompanied by the appropriate documentation and the required nonrefundable fee;

2) The Mentee shall not replace a required team interpreter and shall not be compensated;

3) Written consent must be submitted by the client prior to the assignment; and

4) Written or oral consent must be received from the deaf or hard of hearing consumer at the start of the assignment. If the deaf or hard of hearing consumer does not consent, the Mentee will not provide interpreting services and will depart from the assignment unless the assignment is at a public venue.


Added at 37 Ill. Reg. 2552, effective July 1, 2013


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