Sec. 1515.120 - [Effective 10/9/2021]Restoration

ยง 1515.120. [Effective 10/9/2021]Restoration

a) Any sign language interpreter for the deaf whose license has expired or has been placed on inactive status for 5 years or less may have the license restored by paying the fees required by Section 1515.70 and providing proof of completion of 20 CE hours during the 2 years prior to submitting the restoration application. Acceptable proof of completion shall be certificates of attendance provided by sponsors of approved CE programs or other documentation allowed by Section 1515.80(c)(3).

b) Any person seeking restoration of a license that has been expired or placed on inactive status for more than 5 years shall file an application, on forms supplied by the Commission, for review by the Board, together with the fee required by Section 1515.70 of this Part. In addition, the applicant shall submit one of the following:

1) Sworn evidence of active practice in another jurisdiction. The evidence shall include a statement from an appropriate board or licensing authority in the other jurisdiction that the licensee was authorized to practice;

2) An affidavit attesting to military service as provided in Section 80 of the Act; or

3) Other proof acceptable to the Commission of the applicant's fitness to have the certificate restored.

c) When the accuracy of any submitted documentation or the relevance or sufficiency of the course work or experience is questioned by the Commission because of lack of information, discrepancies or conflicts in information given, or a need for clarification, the licensee seeking restoration shall be requested to:

1) Provide the necessary information; and/or

2) Appear for an interview before the Board, if requested, to explain the relevance or sufficiency, clarify information, or clear up any discrepancies or conflicts in information.

d) Upon recommendation of the Board and approval by the Director, an applicant shall have the license restored or be notified in writing of the reason for denying the application.

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