170 IAC 5-3-4 - Reports to the division

Authority: IC 8-1-1-3; IC 8-1-22.5-4

Affected: IC 8-1-2-114; IC 8-1-26

Sec. 4.

(a) An operator shall notify the division by telephone at the division's emergency contact number posted on the commission's website as soon as practicable but not to exceed one (1) hour following discovery of the following:
(1) Accidents as defined in this rule.
(2) Incidents as defined in this rule.
(3) Other significant events, including, but not limited to, situations involving:
(A) traditional media attention during the event;
(B) high profile locations as defined by the operator in writing;
(C) evacuations:
(i) of twenty (20) or more people;
(ii) ordered by public safety personnel onsite;
(iii) requested by an operator onsite; or
(iv) of a school, hospital, or health care facility;
(D) rerouting of traffic or closing a roadway by public safety personnel;
(E) an over-pressure event that exceeds the maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) plus allowable build-up (under 49 CFR 192.201) ;
(F) the possibility the same event will reoccur in a short period of time, such as repeated gas odor calls;
(G) a service interruption described in subsection (d)(1); or
(H) an event reported to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).
(b) The notification in subsection (a) shall be followed by a written report upon request by the division.
(c) The written report as required in subsection (b) shall be provided within twenty (20) days of the request and shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
(1) The name of the operator.
(2) The date and time of the incident.
(3) A definite location: street address or, if rural, locate definitely (not R.R.), 911 address.
(4) The number of employees injured requiring inpatient hospitalization or fatalities, or both (name, sex, age, and address).
(5) The number of nonemployees injured requiring inpatient hospitalization or fatalities, or both (name, sex, age, and address).
(6) The estimated value of total property damage and a description of the damaged property.
(7) A description of the accident.
(8) The location and a description of the operator's plant, including sketches or maps, if necessary, for clarification.
(9) The condition of the operator's plant as found on inspection.
(10) The extent of the investigation and findings.
(11) Unless submitted electronically, the signature of a responsible representative of the operator.
(d) The following are the requirements for interruption of service reports:
(1) Each operator shall keep a record of interruptions of service affecting:
(A) its entire system;
(B) a major division of its system;
(C) one hundred (100) or more customers at once; or
(D) when the operator deems the interruption of service to be significant.
(2) The record required in subdivision (1) shall include a statement of the:
(A) time;
(B) duration;
(C) extent; and
(D) cause; of the interruption.
(3) Whenever the service is intentionally interrupted for any purpose, the interruptions shall, except in emergencies, be at a time that will cause the least inconvenience to customers. Those customers who will be most seriously affected by the interruption shall, so far as possible, be notified in advance.
(e) An operator shall submit the following reports to the division:
(1) Annual reports, as required by 49 CFR 191.11 and 191.17, shall be submitted to the division not later than March 15 of each year.
(2) Annual reports as required by 49 CFR 195.49 shall be submitted to the division not later than June 15 of each year.
(3) Each operator of a master meter, as defined in 49 CFR 191.3, shall submit to the division, not later than March 15 of each year, a report that shall include the following:
(A) The dates of completion for the previous year of the:
(i) leak survey;
(ii) cathodic protection survey; and
(iii) valve inspection.
(B) The name of the person who completed the inspections on behalf of the operator of a master meter.
(C) The number of unrepaired leak reports on January 1 of the preceding year.
(D) The number of leak reports received during the preceding year.
(E) The number of leaks repaired during the preceding year.
(F) The number of unrepaired leak reports at the end of the preceding year.
(G) Current information for the individual responsible for the gas system, including the following:
(i) Name.
(ii) Title.
(iii) Address.
(iv) Phone number.
(v) Email address. The information required in this subdivision shall be provided to the division on a form available on the division's website at http://www.in.gov/iurc/2335.htm. These reports shall include all known leak reports regardless of classification, on the respective systems, up to and including the meter outlet.
(4) Each operator shall submit to the division notification of construction that is significant to the operator, in a manner that facilitates unannounced inspections. Examples may include:
(A) new construction, replacement, or relocation of a jurisdictional:
(i) gas pipeline facility that is considered transmission by definition under 49 CFR 192.3;
(ii) gas distribution main of a significant footage for a single project, including a cast iron or bare steel replacement project of any length;
(iii) gas purchase point, regardless of number of customers served;
(iv) gas distribution center station that is designed to serve at least one thousand (1,000) customers immediately or in the future; or
(v) hazardous liquid or carbon dioxide facility; or
(B) significant gas service replacement project that encompasses at least twelve (12) city blocks or two hundred fifty (250) services for a single project.
(5) The notification required under subdivision (4) shall include the following:
(A) A description and location of work.
(B) The type of facility.
(C) The estimated start date.
(D) The name and address of the reporting company.
(E) The name, address, and telephone number of the person to be contacted concerning the project.
(F) All other significant information concerning the project.
(6) An operator shall submit to the division other reports as may be required by the division that are relevant to the safe operation of the operator's system, including the following:
(A) Safety related condition reports as required by 49 CFR 191.25.
(B) Safety related condition reports as required by 49 CFR 195.56.
(7) An operator shall submit to the division a report of damage to its facilities as defined in IC 8-1-26, and as further described in 170 IAC 5-5-2.
(A) It is a violation of this rule for an operator to knowingly submit inaccurate or falsified information to the division in the initial submission of a damage report or follow-up information related to the specific damage.
(B) The operator shall provide the information required by this subdivision on the form provided by the commission.
(f) The reports as listed and required in this section shall not imply or be considered an admission of liability or responsibility of the operator in connection with the accident or incident so mentioned.
(g) An operator submitting a document to the commission under this rule shall submit the document in accordance with instructions on the commission's website.


170 IAC 5-3-4
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