327 IAC 15-16-10 - Annual report, annual fees, and general conditions

Authority: IC 13-13-5-1; IC 13-15-1-2; IC 13-15-2-1; IC 13-16

Affected: IC 13-18-10

Sec. 10.

(a) Any person with a facility subject to this rule shall submit an annual report to the commissioner by February 15 of each year for the previous calendar year with the following information:
(1) The requirements listed in 40 CFR 122.42(e)(4) *.
(2) Information specified under 327 IAC 15-4-2 and 327 IAC 15-4-3 for any instance of noncompliance. If a spill occurs, the spill must be reported to the department within two (2) hours of discovery, in accordance with 327 IAC 2-6.1-7.
(b) All reports and information required to be submitted under this rule must be signed and certified in accordance with 327 IAC 15-4-3(g).
(c) It is not a defense in an enforcement action that an owner or operator, or both, would have had to halt or reduce the permitted activity in order to maintain compliance with the requirements of this rule.
(d) Samples and measurements taken for the purpose of monitoring must be representative of the monitored activity.
(e) The owner or operator, or both, shall comply with the requirements of 327 IAC 5-2-14.
(f) The owner or operator, or both, shall give notice to the commissioner as soon as possible of any planned physical alterations or additions to the permitted facility when the alterations or additions would cause the facility to become a new source under 40 CFR 122.29(b) *.
(g) The owner or operator, or both, shall give notice to the commissioner of any planned change in the permitted facility or activity that may result in noncompliance with the requirements of this rule.
(h) In addition to application fees required under section 5 of this rule, each CAFO operation must pay an annual fee of one hundred dollars ($100) in accordance with billing from the department.

*These documents are incorporated by reference. Copies may be obtained from the Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov, or are available forreviewat the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Office of Legal Counsel, Indiana Government Center North, Thirteenth Floor, 100 North Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204.


327 IAC 15-16-10
Water Pollution Control Board; 327 IAC 15-16-10; filed Feb 6, 2012, 2:50 p.m.: 20120307-IR-327090213FRA, eff Jul 1, 2012 Filed 7/12/2017, 8:47 a.m.: 20170809-IR-327160003FRA Filed 5/23/2022, 9:56 a.m.: 20220622-IR-327200026FRA

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