405 IAC 5-28-5 - Dual-chamber cardiac pacemaker implantation

Current through March 30, 2022

Authority: IC 12-15-1-10; IC 12-15-21-2; IC 12-15-21-3

Affected: IC 12-13-7-3; IC 12-15

Sec. 5.

(a) Medicaid reimbursement is available for dual-chamber cardiac pacemaker implantations. Medicaid reimbursement is subject to the restrictions set forth in this rule.
(b) Reimbursement is available for implantation of a dual-chamber cardiac pacemaker provided that the conditions are as follows:
(1) Chronic or recurrent.
(2) Not due to transient causes such as acute myocardial infarction, drug toxicity, or electrolyte imbalance.
(c) Reimbursement for a dual-chamber pacemaker implantation is not available when the member has the following:
(1) Ineffective atrial contractions.
(2) Frequent or persistent supraventricular tachycardias, except where the pacemaker is specifically for the control of the tachycardia.
(3) A clinical condition in which pacing takes place only intermittently and briefly and is not associated with a reasonable likelihood that pacing needs will become prolonged.
(4) Prophylactic pacemaker use following recovery from acute myocardial infarction during which there was temporary complete (third degree) or Type II second degree AV block in association with bundle branch block.
(d) Reimbursement is available when the medical record documents that the member has any of the following:
(1) A definite drop in blood pressure, retrograde conduction, or discomfort during insertion of a single-chamber (ventricular) pacemaker.
(2) Pacemaker syndrome (atrial ventricular asynchrony) with significant symptoms with a pacemaker that is being replaced.
(3) A condition in which even a relatively small increase in cardiac efficiency will importantly improve the quality of life.
(4) A condition in which the pacemaker syndrome can be anticipated.
(e) Dual-chamber pacemakers shall also be covered for the conditions, as listed in section 4 of this rule, for single-chamber cardiac pacemakers, if medically necessary. The physician's judgment that such a pacemaker is warranted in the member, meeting requirements of section 4 of this rule, must be based upon the individual needs and characteristics of that member weighing the magnitude and likelihood of anticipated benefits against the magnitude and likelihood of disadvantages of the member.


405 IAC 5-28-5
Office ofthe Secretary of Family and Social Services; 405 IAC 5-28-5; filed Jul 25, 1997, 4:00 p.m.: 20 IR 3354; readopted filed Jun 27, 2001, 9:40 a.m.: 24 IR 3822; readopted filed Sep 19, 2007, 12:16p.m.: 20071010-IR-405070311RFA; readopted filed Oct 28, 2013, 3:18 p.m.: 20131127-IR-405130241RFA Filed 8/1/2016, 3:44 p.m.: 20160831-IR-405150418FRA

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