45 IAC 16-1.5-8 - Service

Authority: IC 8-2.1-18-6

Affected: IC 8-2.1-18

Sec. 8.

(a) When service is effected by mail, first class mail shall be used.
(b) Orders, notices, and other documents originating with the commission, including all forms of commission action and similar process, and other documents designated by the commission for this purpose, shall be served by the commission by mail, except when service by another method shall be specifically required by the commission, by mailing a copy thereof to the person to be served, addressed to the person or persons designated in the initial pleading, submittal or notice of appearance at his or its principal office or place of business. When delivery is not accomplished by mail, it may be effected by any one [sic.] duly authorized by the commission.
(c) All pleadings, submittals, briefs, and other documents, filed in proceedings pending before the commission, by any party, when filed or delivered to the commission for filing, shall be served upon all participants in the proceeding.
(1) In any proceeding where any attorney has filed a pleading or submittal on behalf of a client or has entered an appearance pursuant to 170 IAC 1-1.2-2, any notice or other written communication required to be served upon or furnished to the client shall be served upon or furnished to the attorney in the same manner as prescribed for his client.
(2) When any participant has appeared by attorney, service upon such attorney shall be deemed service upon the participant and separate service on the participant may be omitted.
(e) The date of service shall be the day when the document served is deposited in the United States mail, or is delivered in person, as the case may be.
(f) There shall accompany and be attached to the original of each pleading, submittal, or other document filed with the commission when service is required to be made by the parties, a certificate of service.
(g) The form of a certificate of service shall be as follows:

I hereby certify that I have this day served a true copy of the foregoing document upon all parties of record in this proceeding in accordance with the requirements of 170 IAC 1-1.2-8.

Dated this _____ day of _____ , 19 _____

Signed ________________________

Counsel for __________________


45 IAC 16-1.5-8
Department of State Revenue; 45 IAC 16-1.5-8; filed Oct 21, 1986, 10:37 am: 10 IR 385

Transferred from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission ( 170 IAC 1-1.2-8 ) to the Department of State Revenue ( 45 IAC 16-1.5-8 ) by P.L. 72-1988, SECTION 12, effective July 1, 1988.

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