45 IAC 16-2-3 - Title page of tariff and supplement

Authority: IC 8-2.1-18-6

Affected: IC 8-2.1-18

Sec. 3.

Title Page of Every Tariff and Supplement Shall Show in the Order Named.

(a) On upper right-hand corner each tariff shall be numbered beginning with No. 1. Such number shall be shown as follows:

PSCI No. B- _____

When tariffs are issued cancelling a tariff or tariffs previously filed the PSCI number or numbers of the tariff or tariffs cancelled must be shown in the upper right-hand corner immediately under the PSCI number of the new tariff. Example:

PSCI No. B-2

Cancels PSCI No. B-1

(b) Supplements to a tariff in addition to showing the PSCI number of the tariff amended thereby shall be numbered beginning with the number 1 and such information shall be shown in the upper right-hand corner. Supplements shall also show in the upper right-hand corner the number of any previous supplement cancelled thereby and also the numbers of the supplements containing all changes from the tariff.


Supplement No. 3 to

PSCI No. B-1

Cancels Supplement No. 2

Supplements Nos. 1 and 3 contain all changes

(c) Name of carrier or name of agent issuing tariff. Whenever two or more carriers join in a through fare or charge the names of all such carriers must be shown. The name of a carrier must be the same as that appearing in its application for a certificate. In the event of a successor its name must be shown as "Successor to _____ " as follows:


John Doe and William Doe

(Successors to A.B.C. Transportation Co.)

If the carrier is not a corporation, and a trade name issued, the name of the individual or partners must precede the trade name.


John Doe and William Doe doing business as

A.B.C. Transportation Co.

Whenever two or more carriers join in a through fare or charge, authority by means of proper power of attorney or concurrence, as provided in rule 15, must be given the agent or carrier publishing the tariff.

(d) A brief description of the territories in which, or points from and to or between which, the tariff applies briefly stated.
(e) Date of issue and date effective.
(f) Name, title and street address of officer or agent by whom tariff is issued.


45 IAC 16-2-3
Department of State Revenue; No. 17686: Construction and Filing of Common Carrier Passenger Fares Sec 1,Rule 2; filed Jan 2, 1946, 10:00 am: Rules and Regs. 1947, p. 1742

Transferred from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission ( 170 IAC 2-2-3 ) to the Department of State Revenue ( 45 IAC 16-2-3 ) by P.L. 72-1988, SECTION 12, effective July 1, 1988.

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