Sec. 470 IAC 6-4.1-1 - Shelter and medical deductions

ยง 470 IAC 6-4.1-1. Shelter and medical deductions

Authority: IC 12-13-2-3; IC 12-13-5-3; IC 12-14-28-7

Affected: IC 12-13-7

Sec. 1.

(a) Allowable costs for utilities shall include standard utility allowances (SUA) as calculated by average utility costs in accordance with 7 CFR 273.9(d)(6)(iii)(B). Each assistance group charged for a utility expense is entitled to a utility allowance.

(b) The state agency shall determine the household's shelter deduction in accordance with 7 CFR 273.9(d)(5)(ii) and in using the following utility allowances:

(1) A standard utility allowance that includes a heating or cooling component if the household incurs an out-of-pocket heating or cooling expense listed in 7 CFR 273.9(d)(6)(ii).

(2) A standard utility allowance for assistance groups that incur two (2) or more utility expenses, none of which is a heating/cooling expense, but could include a telephone expense.

(3) A single standard utility allowance for households that have only one (1) expense other than heating/cooling or telephone, or both.

(4) A single telephone standard for assistance groups that have no other utility expense other than a basic telephone fee.

(5) The standard utility allowances and the standard telephone allowance shall be:

(A) reviewed annually; and

(B) adjusted to reflect changes in the cost of utilities.

(c) Allowable medical deductions shall be those deductions as listed in 7 CFR 273.9(d)(3).

(d) The state agency shall allow forty cents ($0.40) per mile as a transportation cost to obtain medical treatment or services for individuals who are elderly or disabled as defined in 7 CFR 271.2 when actual costs cannot be verified.

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